Saturday, 3 December 2011

Stand Together!
We all know that the profession of teaching is so much more than just teaching curriculum content - we are problem solvers, care-givers, friendship-coaches, confidence-boosters and so, so much more.

Bullying is one thing that we, as teachers, have a huge responsibility to address. I have been following Jillian Harris (who is absolutely fabulous!) and Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Twitter, and have been *waiting* for this week's episode to air - an episode about the Walker family, whose son took his own life because of the extreme bullying he was experiencing.
What an amazing, inspirational message that this family has given to us all.  

An initiative that is trending right now is this: Stand Together to End Bullying. Visit to take your pledge to Stand Toether and make a difference.
This is my number:

What will yours be?

So far there are over 70 000 people who have visited the site, and taken the pledge! Please join this community, and inspire others to do the same. If you are in Canada, watch the episode of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition on and in the US, I am sure you can watch it on Check it out, I promise it will warm your heart!

 How do you help students with bullying challenges at school? What are your most inspirational stories about bullying?
I'd love to hear your comments on this oh-so-important topic!

~Much love, CK 

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  1. Bullying is such an important issues for teachers ~ as we may be the only ones situated to see and respond to it. You are right, we get almost consumed by curriculum and other accountability demands, but we MUST remember to be there for any child who may be enduring the torture of bullying. It's definitely worth reminding ourselves of this, so thanks for your heartfelt and very important blog on bullying!