Wednesday, 23 November 2011

On a day like today....

Well, here goes. I have never done a blog before, and in fact I can remember the first time that I heard the word "blog" quite a few years ago... and my friends and I had a long conversation about what the heck a "blog" could be. I am a special education teacher in my 5th year teaching, and have a love and passion for working with kids - especially those "quirky" kids that may struggle academically, but have enough personality and love to fuel a school on their own. I have often thought that I need a place to keep track of the endless stories, ideas, and events that happen throughout the day, and this might just be the answer! On a day like I had today, I am in much need of some inpiration... I have recently discovered many teacher blogging sites, and have been inspired by all that I have visited - so here I go with my own. We'll see if it flies!

;) CK

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